Presents of the past…

It’s been some busy weeks at the start of 2021, but we havent forgotten about you. On the contrary! We’ve been busy on some cool whisky stuff to continue our awesome journey this year and hopefully we could share it with you 😉

First up, we’d like to share our Christmas presents. It still feels like we opened them yesterday. We’ve received them from our family, but we also wanted to surprise each other with something special and personalized. We might give you some creative inspiration for next year.

I, @Whiskypeater, opened up my first gift on Christmas Eve. It was something special from my Sister, a 12yo Lochindaal from Independent Bottler Chorlton Whisky. For you who doesn’t know Lochindaal… It’s a heavily peated Bruichladdich. The PPM is between Port Charlotte – Octomore. 
The next morning I couldn’t believe my eyes… and my two sons nevertheless. It was very difficult to see the Christmas Tree with al those presents, haha. 
I got another Islay whisky “Smoky Scot” (don’t they know me well 😅) and a fragrance. I don’t know why, because I smell like peat all day. And I got a LP from Buddy Guy, an artist I really like and which is perfect to hear siping on whisky. 
And as a last gift form my Mrs. I got a whisky set from Millstone (Dutch whisky). 

@Whiskypeater’s presents

We, @Dramtastic.86 and my Mrs., hadn’t set a tree this year. But we did surprised each other with some gifts. I was fortuned to get a bottle (my 2nd) of Clynelish by the Thompson Bros. You might remember it from my top 3 bottles. I also received two awesome books “Clanlands” by Sam Heughan & Graham McTavish (you might know them from the series “Outlander”). And “the Complete Poems and Songs of Robert Burns”. That’s a book which comes handy on the 25th of January.
Last but nog least I got the Whisky Game 🎲🥃. It’s like Trivial Pursuit, but with all kind of whisky questions. That’s going to provide some awesome evenings for sure! 

@Dramtastic.86’s presents

So far we talked about our gifts present from our family, but what about those special personalized gifts to each other as Dutch Whisky Brothers? Well… we definitely surprised each other with our gifts 👌🏼. 

What about this wax seal stamp set with our own logo! @Whiskypeater was creative on this thought and bought us both a set. If you’ll receive a package from us and you’ll have a special seal on it… you’ll know you’re part of our special inner circle 😉.

Wax seal stamp with our own Logo

And @Dramtastic.86 thought on something we could use for our future plans and off course to write down our tasting notes. And it is something reusable, so it’s good for the environment as well. He bought us both a Bambook personalized with our own logo and tag! 

a Personalized Bambook notebook

Let’s hope you’ve received some cool whisky presents just like us. We’ve tried to get on the creative side of things, but you might surprise us, or even better… inspire us for some awesome gifts for next year. So leave a comment with your whisky presents and join in on this amazing whisky journey! 

Slàinte 🥃

Dutch Whisky Brothers

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