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Do you have a preferred whisky glass? We do! But, we’re always keen on trying and exploring new stuff. So when we were asked to try some fancy and handmade whisky glasses by a new Polish manufacturer and distributor of high-quality drinking accessories, we couldn’t say “No” 😉.

First we’d like to thank and give credits to Whisky Essentials for contacting us and asking our opinion on these glasses. We’re always honest and unbiased on exploring new things, so also with these glasses which we have seen before but haven’t bought… yet 🤔?

To get an overview of all the glasses available, please visit their website. They even have options on some (partially) colored glasses. And if you send Whisky Essentials an extra request, they could even engrave your glasses!

Some key points according to :

  • Handcrafted glass
  • Mouth blown soda – boron glass and the cover
  • Unique design
  • Increases aromatic notes
  • All in one glass” type
  • Special filling – guarantee 100% safety during shipping
  • Modern design satin box
  • Truly one of its kind

We’ve had the pleasure to explore the G100, G110, G201, G301, G410 and the G501. So one from every range. And we put them to the test on looks, how they feel and of course the journey on tasting drams:

  • Looks: good and a bit smaller. It comes with a cover to contain the flavors in the glass.
  • Feel: It feels well balanced and is perfect on the weight.
  • Tasting: Due to the narrow opening and the fact it’s a smaller glass, your nose is closer to the glass. not necessarily perfect for Cask Strength whiskies, but I actually like it.

Waardering: 4 uit 5.
  • Looks: nice and sophisticated.
  • Feel: It’s feels (and is) a bit smaller, but ideal for nosing. It feels solid and the balance of the glass is perfect. The opening is a bit small to put your nose in, but I don’t do that often. It’s the closest to a Glencairn.
  • Tasting: Drinking is really nipping. But the aromas are well concentrated due to the shape.

Waardering: 4.5 uit 5.
  • Looks: It looks too big and clumsy. Definitely not my style…
  • Feel: The stem feels good, but the balance is off. When you’re tasting it tilts a bit. It’s a bit heavier as well.
  • Tasting: Because of the long glass, the distance is a bit too long in my opinion. The whisky gets a bit lighter due to this.

Waardering: 2.5 uit 5.
  • Looks: Looks a bit big for whisky. But the different shape makes it unique.
  • Feel: The balance is good, and it’s comfortable in the hand. The wider opening is nice for nosing and it drinks easier due to the slant edge.
  • Tasting: It delivers compact aroma’s with a small or larger dram.

Waardering: 3.5 uit 5.
  • Looks: Simple but good. It’s nice that this one comes also with a cover.
  • Feel: The stem is too short and light for me.
  • Tasting: It delivers the aromas directly and full-on. I really like that.

Waardering: 3 uit 5.
  • Looks: Similar to a Copita. It’s nice that it comes with a cover (although I don’t use these often).
  • Feel: What you expect from a “Copita”, but the stem is a bit to short in my opinion. The balance is also a bit off for me. It’s to high in the glass (not centered in the overflow of bowl/stem.
  • Tasting: Perfect for nosing and although not really rounded, still shaped well to compress the aromas.

Waardering: 3 uit 5.
  • Looks: a nice and chique glass. But it doesn’t look like a whisky glass to me. It would fit better with liquor, I think.
  • Feel: It feels good. It’s a bit fragile due to the small stem.
  • Tasting: It’s a bit small for big noses, but the narrow shape concentrates the flavors well. The flavors stay longer in the neck of the glass.

Waardering: 3.5 uit 5.
  • Looks: It’s more a chique sherry glass (apparently it’s a Grappa glass 🕵🏻‍♂️), but it works for me. It’s different than the ‘normal’ shapes, so I like that.
  • Feel: The balans is at the foot, so it’s less comfortable in hand. And it doesn’t drink that easy because of the narrow opening.
  • Tasting: The shape isn’t working for my nose comparing it to the G100 and G110. It’s like the aromas are tamed down by the long neck. Still good enough for small drams.

Waardering: 3 uit 5.
  • Looks: A nice tulip shaped glass with a luxury stem. It looks solid and I would definitely call this ‘fancy’.
  • Feel: For me this is perfect. My fingers are wrapped around the shaped stem perfectly and the weight is good.
  • Tasting: Very good for nosing and tasting. A must have if you don’t have anything similar already!

Waardering: 4.5 uit 5.
  • Looks: Stunning and solid design. It’s like a chique G100 (or Glencairn)
  • Feel: That’s strange… It feels lighter than the G100! Could be that the shape is hollow. Balans is also a little less comparing to the G100, also due to the fact that I hold it differently in a worse way. That’s because of the ‘fancy’ stem.
  • Tasting: A good glass to enjoy your dram. The glass is bigger (comparing to the G100) and has a wider opening.

Waardering: 3.5 uit 5.
  • Looks: It looks like a tank, or misshaped Glencairn, but it works for me. It’s like a good hybrid of a Glencairn and a tumbler.
  • Feel: It’s very heavy and solid. Perfect if you need a robust glass.
  • Tasting: It’s ok, but less then some others (G100/G410). It’s not that sophisticated for nosing, but it’s a good ‘bring on any trip’ glass.

Waardering: 3 uit 5.
  • Looks: a heavy and modern shaped glass.
  • Feel: It feels really good. Heavy and solid, but a good balans in the (heavy) foot. It’s also a bit thicker, so it can take a bump.
  • Tasting: A solid drinker, but less suited for small (sample) drams. A nice wide opening and good shape.

Waardering: 4 uit 5.

All of the glasses are different and we couldn’t pick just one favorite actually. We also have (like many times) different opinions and preferences on these glasses. And with a lot of whiskies it’s actually the same: “It all depends on the moment…”

To add to our own whisky glassware collection we choose the G501. This is because we liked the fact that it’s a heavier glass with a robust feel. It’s perfect (for example) when I, @Whiskypeater, go on a fishing trip, or just when you want a good solid glass to enjoy a dram. The other choice was the Classic G100. This is just a perfect glass to explore drams with. It’s a bit smaller, but perfect for nosing and tasting of samples. Also the balans of this glass was just perfect 👌🏼.
We didn’t chose our favorites (G410 for @Whiskypeater) actually, but that’s due to the fact that we already have some glasses like the G410. And it’s always good to have options for different moments!

Are these glasses unique in its design… 🤔? Not really. But they’re tweaked from good shaped glasses. They do feel ‘fancy’ (we hate the word actually) and are solid due to good quality and the fact that it’s a single piece handcrafted (mouth blown) glass. Overall we’re happy to have added some to our own collection of glassware 🥃😉.

What would be your favorite glass? This could actually be a very good gift during the holidays (or as a Birthday gift). And we’re lucky to give you a 15% discount when you use the CODE: thedutchwhiskybrothers online at Whisky Essentials. So if your interested ➡️ Go check it out, and maybe you’ll find your new favorite glass 👍🏼.

Sláinte and enjoy the hollidays! 🥃

Photo Credits: Whisky Essentials

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