WIN Masterclass 2.0 @ Proost Zierikzee

What defines a masterclass, let alone a masterclass 2.0? That is exactly what Frank Handgraaf of Whisky Import Nederland (WIN) also had to think of before announcing his line-up to Proost ‘liquor store and brasserie’.
We can already tell you one thing… the line-up was perfectly fine tuned. Let alone with the fantastic bites to pair, which came from the brasserie of Proost!

Let’s see where this intro has taken us…

WIN has a very diverse range of whisky as a Dutch importer and distributor but also as an Independent Bottler. You can discover and taste this extensively at various festivals. However, they have to make a choice when they organize a tasting. This time there was no own bottling, but luckily there was plenty else to choose from 🥃😉.
Anyway, we’re not complaining…

WIN Masterclass 2.0 line-up

Fercullen 8 yo @ 40% ABV

A very easy, soft and sweet Irish whiskey. At 8yo the blend of grain and malt is already well balanced. Not overly complex, but certainly not a “sharp” young Irish dram.

A perfect start of the line-up!

Waardering: 2.5 uit 5.

Clydeside – Stobcross NAS @ 46% ABV

A sweet, almost candy cane, fresh and fruity vibrant dram.
Nice syrupy / waxy aftertaste with a little spice including a pepper.

We look forward to discovering more of Clydeside!

Waardering: 3 uit 5.

South Star Spirits – Highland 10yo @ 48% ABV

Oh, this is tasty!
Immediately a nice creamy / waxy coating in the mouth. Sweet flavors, milk chocolate, fresh citrus and a long aftertaste.

Would this be a Clynelish, it could be 🥃😉

Waardering: 3.5 uit 5.

Dailuaine 11yo @ 50.9% ABV

A full bodied whisky with flavors like vanilla, caramel, licorice and coffee.
A surprising dram that drinks very soft despite Cask Strength. The alcohol is nicely integrated with the flavors.

Interesting whisky from ‘Brave New Spirits’ in their “A Cask Noir Production” range.

Waardering: 3 uit 5.

Finn Thompson – Mannochmore 2008, 14yo @ 50% ABV

A well balanced sherry finished Mannochmore.
Typical sweet PX sherry flavors with a soft aftertaste. Very surprising for 58% ABV as it doesn’t drink like that at all. A well-considered choice with regard to the PX finish! And may we say that the design of the bottle is also really great!

Mannochmore… we’re seeing more and more of it, but we don’t mind 😉.

Waardering: 3 uit 5.

Lindores Abbey – The Exclusive Cask ‘Oloroso Sherry Butts’ @ 49.4% ABV

Full on the nose! Sweet and earthy.
On the taste more sweet sherry, but also gingerbread spices and chocolate.
A medium finish that continues into the Oloroso sherry profile and light spice.

Waardering: 3.5 uit 5.

Blackadder – Peat Reek Embers ‘Special Reserve’ @ 59.2% ABV

The only peated whisky in this line-up, and what a kind!
A nice combination of a Oloroso Sherry Cask finish and 50PPM. A sweet taste with smoke that is well balanced. It’s not a ‘peat smack in your face’, but the flavors come out in layers.

Interesting release with the well-known Blackadder “Raw Cask” residue.

Waardering: 3.5 uit 5.

I think you can agree that this was a fantastic line-up. Extremely diverse and something for everyone.
Ultimately, these are the ideal tastings to discover what you really like.
We are sure that we attend these kinds of tastings more often (we already do that regularly). And if it is a combination of “Whisky Import Nederland” and “Proost Drinks & Brasserie Zierikzee”, then it is a no-brainer!

A special word of thanks to Frank from WIN, and Erik-Jan and his team from Proost!
**Of course, the whisky’s from this line-up are available through the WIN affiliated shops. And for sure at Proost!**

Slàinte 🥃

Dutch Whisky Brothers

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