Hielander Whisky Festival 2023- Vlog

Although we were not both present during this fantastic festival, we still wanted to give you an impression. You may remember our previous vlog of the Summer Edition 2022?

There was plenty of interesting whisky to discover during this “regular” edition.
How about the relatively new Hogshead Imports? Or to think of Cley Distillery, which really offers a piece of Dutch craftsmanship & quality.
The new distributor “SPIRITS.services” was also present with, among others, the bottlings of ‘Roger’s Whiskey Company’, ‘the Firkin Whiskey Co.’ & ‘Spirit filled’ (Mythical Beasts).
And of course our friends from Whisky Import Nederland and High Spirits were also present, as they belong at every festival. This time with, again, new and interesting bottlings.

You can see it all in the impression vlog. Check it out below!

Definitely recommended to visit the upcoming editions. Keep an eye on their website for info!

Slàinte 🥃

Dutch Whisky Brothers

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