The Whisky Agency

This time we reviewed several special releases from the independent bottler "The Whiskey Agency" (TWA) during our whisky journey. Most enthusiasts among us, who are a bit further in their journey, will probably already be familiar with TWA.For the others, we hope to provide an interesting introduction through this blog. Because we as Dutch Whiskey... Lees verder →

🎥 Hielander Summer Whisky Festival – “the after Vlog”🎞

Our first VLOG is up! As promised here is our vlog of the Hielander Summer Whisky Festival. We hope that you will get a nice impression, in addition to our previous blog, of what this festival has to offer. So join us and enjoy the After Vlog 🎞 We hope this vlog has inspired... Lees verder →

Octomore: the Series…

For this blog we go back in our sample boxes. We have already discovered some beautiful things from Bruichladdich. But we found out that in addition to the beautiful Black Art samples, we also had the series 12 from Octomore in stock 🥃🔥. And that while Series 13 has now been launched and is already... Lees verder →

Bruichladdich – Black Art 09.1

It's been more than a year, but Bruichladdich's Black Art 8.1 is still in our memory. And since it's a beautiful memory we were therefore delighted when Nick Bayens (Benelux Prestige Brand Ambassador) once again invited us to discover the latest Black Art. It's time to discover the Black Art 9.1 on our whisky journey!... Lees verder →

Dam Dranken – a Dutch Independent Bottler

Because this independent bottler is located on Terschelling (one of the Wadden Islands and therefore remote), it may just be that you have never heard of it. Fortunately, we are happy to bring this bottler to your attention. We came into contact with Joris Dam, who sent us some various samples. Dam Dranken develops itself... Lees verder →

Rating whisky’s…

We know this might be an "off-topic" for many of you, mainly because "Who cares?". But that's exactly why we want to discuss this topic 😉. Whisky is there to enjoy and explore, and preferably with others. We'd like to do it more often together, but due to our distance we're obliged to use digital... Lees verder →

Spanish Whisky Club

Hola! It's been a while and to be honest... we agree! We've got some reviews waiting to be drafted, so we'll try to catch up. And why not start with the fairly unknown Spanish Whisky Club. After we heard of this club and got intrigued, we contacted Jan Vistisen, president of the Spanish Whisky Club,... Lees verder →

Glenfarclas – a vertical line-up

Family owned for 5 generations by the Grants of Glenfarclas… yes we’re going to dive into a vertical line-up by “probably Speysides Finest” Distillery! This well-known Distillery was bought in 1865 by John Grant, along with the Recherlich farm. A place between the old existing farm of cattle breeder John Grant in Glenlivet, and the... Lees verder →

AmberGlass – Whisky glassware

Do you have a preferred whisky glass? We do! But, we're always keen on trying and exploring new stuff. So when we were asked to try some fancy and handmade whisky glasses by a new Polish manufacturer and distributor of high-quality drinking accessories, we couldn't say "No" 😉. First we'd like to thank and give... Lees verder →

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