Dam Dranken – a Dutch Independent Bottler

Because this independent bottler is located on Terschelling (one of the Wadden Islands and therefore remote), it may just be that you have never heard of it. Fortunately, we are happy to bring this bottler to your attention. We came into contact with Joris Dam, who sent us some various samples. Dam Dranken develops itself... Lees verder →

The Firkin Whisky Co.

"The Firkin Whisky Co. doesn't take itself too seriously. When your single malt is this good, you don't need to be pretentious about it. The whisky speaks for itself."The Firkin Whisky Co. This a good quote to start with in our opinion, not only because it says a lot about the company, but also because we as the... Lees verder →

Chapter 7

A while ago we came in contact with Selim Evin from Chapter 7. We talked about, off course..., whisky and our passion in sharing our journey with others. We found out that we had a similar mindset about things, so when Selim asked us to try and explore some of his releases we couldn't resist!... Lees verder →

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