Bruichladdich – Black Art 09.1

It’s been more than a year, but Bruichladdich’s Black Art 8.1 is still in our memory. And since it’s a beautiful memory we were therefore delighted when Nick Bayens (Benelux Prestige Brand Ambassador) once again invited us to discover the latest Black Art.

It’s time to discover the Black Art 9.1 on our whisky journey!

As shown in the overview, we see that this release is (at least) 3 years older than the previous 8.1. And again, the composition is a mystery to everyone but Adam Hannett, Bruichladdich’s head distiller.

We know that Bruichladdich has a diverse (also many special wine barrels), but above all a large stock of casks. So really anything can be used for this release. But given that (once again) 12000 bottles have been released at an ABV of 44.1%, we suspect a reasonable amount of barrels and diversity have been used.

  • Nose: Grated lemon zest, raisins, white pepper, freshly roasted coffee beans, and apple pie.
  • Palate: An old bookcase, coca cola, old grass (like hay), wood tones and chocolate at the end.
  • Finish: Cinnamon sticks with raisins which reminds me of autumn. Dark chocolate and a delicious long finish.

Waardering: 4.5 uit 5.
  • Nose: Sweet red fruit, strawberry, red currant, wild peach, fresh pineapple, malty, fresh hay, whipped cream and orange peel.
  • Palate: Red candy apples, rhubarb compote, honeycomb, French toast, spices (like cloves and star anise), dried raisins and some mint.
  • Finish: Mineral (lime/chalk), light spices, old leather, milk chocolate and nuts.

Waardering: 4.5 uit 5.

Again… What a great dram. There is so much happening and especially the nose is really superb. For me, @Dramtastic.86, it’s another nice Bruichladdich release in which I pick up the mineral flavor note. But this time also fresh pineapple and I don’t often find this in whisky’s. I, @Whiskypeater, really think it’s a great whisky and especially love the complexity.

Bruichladdich Black Art 09.1

Again a shout-out to Nick Bayens and Bruichladdich. The tasting was again fantastic and thanks for the samples and the photo material.

Slàinte 🥃

Dutch Whisky Brothers

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